Dear Pleasant,

Abba, take out all my unpleasantness for I want to face You presentable. Abba, forgive all my sin. I thank You because when You forgive, You also forget. I love You with all I am. I slept late last night. I thank You for giving me wisdom and knowledge to work my assignments. I am forever thankful to You, Abba. I do my task today, cleaning the premise area I am assigned. I enjoyed scrubbing the floor and wiping the grubby blades of the ceiling fan. I appreciate my big sister’s thoughtfulness. She bought me a pouch of milk, and biscuits. Also, she left me a cooked rice to take my breakfast. Bless my big sister, Abba to wherever she goes. Abba, help me to become pleasant to You all the time. My cousin had shared about the things happening in our place, especially to the church where You chose us to lead. I was so glad, because everything was going so well there. Hallelujah! I pray for persistence over all my spiritual siblings there. I thank You for You are indeed our perfect Leader. Abba, I thank You for making my day perfect. Help us always, Abba to hold on to our faith in You. I give this to You, Abba. Bless us with all Your abundance, Abba. Fill us always with You. Comfort us forever, Abba. In Your name, Lord Jesus Christ, who is my Perfect Father before, today, and in the future, amen. 

R.G.D.S. 081913


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