Dear Blessed Hope,

You are not simply hope, Abba. You are blessed hope. Abba, forgive me from all my sins. Renew my strength like an eagle. Wash me and make me clean. Thank You, Abba for everything. You sanctify me and You help me to turn from all my wickedness. Abba, I love You. I thank You for extending my life and make everything perfect for me. I thank You for taking care of me every day. We go to the fellowship with me cousin at dawn. It was so refreshing, Abba. Your message was so inspiring, Abba. You told me to never lose hope, and do Your will for my life. I pray that all my spiritual siblings will continue to work out our faith and abide in Your word forever. Abba, I was having a great company with them, and most especially with You. My sister was annoyed with the salesman in the bakeshop in the nearby shopping store. Abba, make her stable and calm, and may the salesman will do his job pleasing, not for his self, but for Your name. Bless us always, Abba. I pray also for healing and health breakthrough for my grandmother and to all people who needed Your power. I submit this to You, in Your most precious name, Lord Jesus Christ, amen.



R.G.D.S. 081813


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