Dear King of Forgiveness,

Abba, I was so thankful for extending me one life to live. I thank You for giving me this chance. There may be some people who were so closefisted in giving chance, but You oh God, Your generosity was incomparably amazing. Abba, forgive me for all of my sin. Forgive me for just sitting most of the time and doing nothing. I was so inactive, Abba. I deserved all punishment. Wash me, Abba. I believe in Your great power that could make wonderful things. Abba, I was lugubrious with my mother’s sms. I pray for emotional healing for her Abba. All I had in my whole life was You, who could make everything alright. My mother message was suicidal. She wanted to die. I was hearing her saying that most of the time, when she was unhappy with her life. Last December 31, dinner time, I was telling my family a “what if” scenario. I told them, what if our life situation would become worse on 2013? Then, my father referred to the life of Job. My answer to my mind was that I would still hold on to You no matter what happen. Reflecting to these days of our life, I had never regretted that I would face all these, and even some more of these, because I was not afraid of complexity because You are there for me always. Abba, in behalf of my family, forgive us oh God, and heal and restore us. I believe You have given all these things to us because You know we could surpass this. Abba, I ask for Your help. I knew You loved me so much that You died for me on the cross and You made me free me, and saved me. Abba, help me with my employment status to turn into officially hired to a certain office where I had passed my application letter, so that I could at least contribute to my family’s needs, and most especially I could do tithing in the church. I knew You saw me dropping nothing to the fund pouch.  But it’s all up to You, Abba. I let You rule my life and take control for I trust You. I will never get tired of praising You. I had a wonderful time memorizing the lyrics of Christian songs today, but most importantly I had a perfect time with You, where You are there beside me and taking care of me. I love You, Abba. It is happening, Abba. Some people where losing their faith. Some people where not believing anymore. Abba, I pray with all I am, asking You to show how great You are. I know I have no right to ask this to You for You know exactly what You are doing, doing goodness for all us. Abba, move every cold heart to be fueled by You and lighten up. The day of the end is soon to come, and I pray that all of us are well-prepared. Abba, I am asking You all these. If it would take me to suffer every day of my life like no financial asset, no job, and anything bad, I willingly accept it for I know You are always there for me, and giving me grace, and making me strong to overcome it. I thank You Holy Spirit, for comforting me all the time. I lift up all these to You. In Your most powerful name, Lord Jesus I pray, amen.


R.G.D.S. 081513


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