Dear Ever-present God,

Abba, I couldn’t sleep early last night. My brain was thinking a lot of things. I was praising Your name most of the time and then after I was destructed with bad thoughts. Abba, forgive with all of my wrongs and make me have peace of mind, literally. My whole spirit, body, and soul is in You. I want to spend the rest of my life with You, Abba. Take control all over me always from the inside out. Your presence is always fullness of joy. I woke early in the morning, Abba. I jogged. The dawning was refreshing. I thank You, Abba for protecting me whenever I walk along the street alone. Indeed, You are with me always. Bless all the people I saw today, Abba. Our class discussed about qualitative research by considering all the things that reflect a certain company, if it had reached its goals at all areas. Abba, I was thinking of how You always reflect Your word in my life. I am sorry for the things I haven’t achieved You set before me. Abba, I ask You to fill me and help me achieve all of it for Your glory. I know I am not qualified, but how amazing You choose me to be in Your plan Abba. Help me to work all of it properly for Your honor. The bulk of assignments in my studies is getting heavier. Help me Abba to excel. Abba, I set all of me in Your hands forever. Guide me and direct my path. I love You, Abba. Bless us all forever. In Your wonderful name, Lord Jesus I pray, amen.

R.G.D.S 081413


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