Dear Highest,

Abba, I know Your love holds me every day.  I thank You for giving me grace and knowing Your power in my life.  Yes, there are moments in my life that I don’t forgive myself. Forgive me Abba for in the moment I did it, I overlooked how You valued me with all Your life. Restore me, Abba. Forgive all my sins, Abba and make me be the one You want me to be. I give You my will. I trust You my gracious Abba. My course subject lessoned about efficient market hypothesis, market anomalies, behavioral finance, fundamental and technical analysis. I was thinking how thankful I was in my life for You were my blessed assurance. I don’t have to worry anymore with the trend, with the anomalies, with downfalls, because Your grace is sufficient for me, and most of all You make me grow and strong. My life is what I invested in You totally. I was dead, yet I was born again and resurrected with You, and in You I live forever more.  I accept You Abba in my life to take control of my life. Help me Abba to become more and more closer to You. I love You Abba. Bless Ate Ayang, Ruel, my college classmate Rhea and all other birthday girls and boys in the earth today. I thank You for the things You gave me and all the things You are about to give me. Abba, bless my family, my friends, my brothers and sisters in faith, and all the people. Lastly, bless me every breath of my life, help me forever Abba. To the King of Kings, to the Lord of Lords, to the Highest of highest, my Savior and my dearest Father, Lord Jesus Christ, I trust this prayer to You, amen.

R.G.D.S. 081313


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