Dear Humble,

Your humility never stops to reveal in us every day. Your love always makes stronger. Abba, I come to You with a confessing soul. Forgive me from all my sins. Teach me and guide me to the way of righteousness. Abba, I received Your message in through Your scriptures. You said in Luke 14:11, for whosoever exalteth himself shall be abased; and he that humbleth himself shall be exalted. I believe this is one of the ways to receive Your wonderful blessings. Abba, help me to become humble in all my life. Help me follow all Your examples. You are the pattern of my life. Abba, I thank You for everything You have given me. Abba, I have observed that my colleagues here have no time to have devotional time knowing You just like what we did before. Abba, I am asking You to help me become stronger and stronger in every challenges and never give up. I have no clue what’s their reason. I know You know all their reasons. I pray that no matter what happens we are united in worshipping You as one body. Abba, fill us with Your power. I am willing to do all Your will for my life for I believe who You are, and I believe in Your plan. Ate Terry told us a story about an army who become a pastor. To respond on Your call is what I get from his life. Abba, help me to become a blessing to others. It’s not about my story to be told, it’s Your story matters most. I love You Abba and I will never stop expressing that. Help me Abba that in everything that I will do it’s out of love. I submit this prayer to You, Abba, in Jesus’ mightiest name, the highest praise belongs to You forever, amen.

R.G.D.S. 081013


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