Dear Head,

Abba, I thank You for all the things You have given me. Forgive me, Abba from all my sins. You paid me with a great price. You adopted me and accepted me as Your dear child. I love You, Abba.  It’s my mother’s birthday Abba. I pray for healing to her gum infection Abba. I entrust to You all my family’s concern, and my life’s concern. I yield all I am to You. I am excited with all Your plans for me Abba. The proposal was complemented positively. I pray Abba that I could join the team and be hired, but it’s all up to You Abba. I give to You all things. Where You lead me, I will always follow. Holy Spirit always help me with everything because I believe in Your power and Your promises. Abba, help me to always do my part for Your glory. My sister was running out of money supply for our need and I thank You because You supply immediately by opening the heart of her friend to borrow money. Bless her Abba. I pray also for the daily need of my family Abba, because as I heard my mother they were running out of food supplies. Abba, I give all these to You for I know You are the only One who could help us at all times. Though there may be times I observed that You hide Your face from me, I still won’t lose hope and faith in You for I believe it’s always for the good. I thank You for teaching me a lesson. No one deserves this but me, because I know everything is in-line with Your plan which I always believe and trust to prevail. I humble myself before You Abba. I know You are refining me, and help me Abba to do all the things that pleases You. Help me to never waste time, and energy in this world, instead serving You always. I heard my cousin spelling out what the meaning of joy. She said that joy means Jesus, Others, and Us. I am happy with the learning she have. Yes, Abba. To have joy means to love You, the people and us. Abba, I thank You for this wonderful relationship we have. Abba, I pray that I will always work out this relationship. I give all this to You, Abba. In Your most amazing name, Lord Jesus Christ, bless our land Abba, amen.


R.G.D.S. 081213


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