Dear Greatest,

I will always follow the light. I will always follow You no matter what it takes even this life I have for I am sure You are true and You are real. I believe in You, Abba. Forgive me from all my sin and make me refined and pure. Take me to where You lead me. Hold me in Your arms and never let me go. I will forever cling to You. I will always stand in awe of You. Abba, I thank You for give me this one life again. No one could make me joyful except You. I love You, Abba. Your blessings never end to surprise me everyday. Help me to improve and be the best for Your glory and honor. I don’t exist to compete with my fellowmen. I exist because of Your love for me. I do not have anything to match Your love, I just have me, and this me is what I offer to You, all I am, all my strength, all my soul, all my mind, and all my heart I give to You. Use me Abba to the purpose You designed for me. Your will is my will. I will what You will for me. I am thankful to be with You always. Abba, bless me family, friends, classmates, neighbors and my community always.  My sister will take an entrance exam in the coming month and I pray that she will pass it. My other sister as well hopes for me to have a stable job so that I could support financially my sister next to her. Abba, I will never give up. I will always hold on to You. I will always believe in Your promises to me. My faith in You will never be destroyed always. Strengthen me, Abba. Help me with all the challenges of life. I will never get weary in waiting for all Your plans for me to be fulfilled. I trust You, Abba. This is my prayer, in Your most magnificent name, Lord Jesus Christ, amen.

R.G.D.S. 080913


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