Dear Approving God,

Your approval of my life’s journey is the only one I trust, because You’re the only one who knows every happening of my life. Abba, forgive me from all my sins. Cleanse me and sanctify me. All I need is You. Today, I am so happy for this life You have for me. I know You have prepared great, marvelous, and wonderful things for me. Abba, help me to be prepare in all of Your plans for me. My cousin is hopeful for my employment status to be okay. She instructs me to do a project proposal and a power point presentation about the project proposal. Abba, I ask Your help with this. I ask for wisdom, and knowledge to make everything beyond ordinary. Abba, thank You for loving me always. Your love keeps me alive. Holy Spirit, always fill me with Your power and guidance. No matter what happen help me to always move according to Your will. Bless my family, my relatives, my friends, and all Your people, Abba. I trust all this to You, The Most High, amen.



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