Dear Beautiful,

You are the only one who is beautiful. Your beauty shines all our lives. Abba, forgive all our sin. Forgive all our shortcomings. I know You are the only one who can free us from sin. We confess all to You, Abba. I am happy with the economic development of the Philippines reported on the news today. It was stated that Philippines would stand on the first rank this year until 2015 over the countries in Asia Pacific. This is a blessing Abba that is coming from You. Though there may be some people who don’t believe in the information, I pray that they will believe in You. On the other hand, I had a beautiful time communicating with my loving parents, and my younger sister in the province through phone call. Bless my sisters and brothers Abba to have an excellent grade in their studies. I pray also for my parents to be joyful all the time and have a beautiful relationship with each other, and most importantly with You Abba. I was having a beautiful time cleaning the house and washing the dishes. In other ways which was another blessing for me, Ate Helen had treated me a free fare in the transit. Bless her Abba and her family. Also, I was so happy with my cousin’s kindness towards my employment status, I could see her care for me. She could articulate my character, skills, talents, and ability. Abba, bless her and her household. Abba, on the 17th this month, my group mates and I will be going to work out our another set of assignment in school. Abba, help us, and keep us safe and secure on our travel. I thank You for all You’ve done in my life. I believe that all things is under Your control for I trust in You, for l love You so much. No one could ever influence my trust in You to fall and fail, for I will always walk in the way You lead me, no matter what. I ask this only in Your wonderful name, Lord Jesus Christ, my perfect Abba, amen.



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