Dear Wealthiest,

I was so glad because You had given a superpower sleep after a very exhausting and toiling activity I did yesterday. Abba, please forgive all my sins to You. I knew that the power of Your blood had already overpowered sin. I am free, and I believe that You are the one who initiates to set me free and give me salvation. You are my Savior and You are my Lord. You are my Freedom, and You are my Joy. Abba, I was riding a tricycle going to school to attend my class couples of hours ago. I was asking a little favor to the tricycle driver if he could transport me right to the building and on the front gate so that I would not get wet by the rain. I reasoned out that I had no umbrella. I also added that some of my classmates were usually transported in the building whether rain or shine. He responded that he hoped to have an umbrella so that I could use it with his calm voice, and smirking face. He also responded that if there no passenger at the gate, he would transport me according to my request. I just didn’t insist anymore and be unperturbed, and hoping that my request would be granted. When I arrived, there were two students standing on the other side of the street, and in front of the gate. Without any say, it was obvious that my request would not be granted anymore. The students were actually trying to have a ride with other tricycle driver- not the one I boarded. I didn’t know what really happen next. Abba, if that tricycle driver was having a true kind heart, even with or without my request he could grant it. On the other hand, I pray that You would bless that man and his family, Abba. I remembered according to Your word that Your child like me will be highly favored. But Your word also said that Your child like me will suffer discomfort of life, which obviously true to me. Abba, though I was not favored by the tricycle driver, I always claim all the favor You have for me. People may say that I was not highly favored by You, but I will not bet on that and I will not be discouraged because if this is the way You want me to experience, I will never complain with it, and will never ever give up on my faith in You because Your promises are true, You never lie, and You never change. Abba, I was actually highly favored in that situation because instead of bursting in anger and present my right as a passenger, I learned and applied to humble myself and be kind. Holy Spirit, I thank You for delivering me in that situation. In our class, we had tackled about stock valuation and financial statement analysis in investment point of You. Abba, I believe You are the wealthiest of all. You had the most wonderful investment to us, Your love. Your love is keeping us grow and healthy. Your investment is so perfect. Your love is priceless. Thank You, Abba for loving me unconditionally. Your investment didn’t expect any wealth, for You were wealthy already. The textbook said that all assets are considered investment. If we are all Yours, then we are all Your investment- investment to grow, not investment to fall away. Abba, help me to become Your investment that grows. Persons can never be an object for an exchange, the other textbook said. Speaking of exchange spiritually, You are my beautiful exchange. You are the Gift. You are wonderful, and Your wonder never fades. I will forever invest all my life to You to grow in spirit and in truth to be closer and closer to You. Though there may be risk, I knew it’s only bearable and not difficult for You said that my yoke is easy and burden is light, and with a guarantee that I’m always safe and secure. I never wanted to fall away. Help me, Abba to do all the instructions You have for me. I ask all these in Your name, Lord Jesus, amen.

R.G.D.S. 080613



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