Dear Tireless,

Abba, I thank You for being with me always. Please, forgive all my sins and wash me by the power of Your blood. I confessed all my sins to You. I didn’t know how to face this life without submitting all myself to You. I surrender it all to You, Abba. I thank You for this freedom I enjoy. I was spending almost 24 hours facing my computer and accomplishing my all the required reports at school. I rested for only 30 minutes. My eyes were weary, and my body was crumbling. My brain was thinking a lot, and I thank You for You helping me not to worry despite of the situation. Abba, though I was working on my assignment that time, You knew that I was praying. I was setting my mind vertically to You. I was connecting with You. Abba, I thank You for watching over me, and taking a good care of me. I always believe in You, Abba. No matter how the challenges will unrest my life, I will always trust, I will always hope, I will always persevere, and I will always love You. I thank You for sustaining my energy. Abba, help me with all my commitments to You. I pray that I could do my Caring Circle Lessons again to some certain group of people who actually needed You in their life. I must not sleep also in the field of my assignment You had designed beautifully for me. I remembered a certain verse in Genesis chapter one to be fruitful, be multiplied, and take a lead. Abba, help me to do it little by little. I knew I couldn’t be trusted with great things if I couldn’t do it in small things. Abba, I was so delighted with Your presence all the time. Before I totally felt dormant in my bed at night, I love seeking You. I thank You because You take Your seat in my heart. Please, Abba own my heart, my soul, my mind, my strength, my all, and never let me go. You were and are always faithful. Abba, help me to be always faithful to You as well. Guard me, Abba. I remembered again one of the messages on the youth seminar I had attended last summer through Your Holy Spirit to Your instrument- a pastor to never follow our heart but to always follow You. Help me, Abba to always give glory to Your name even in a very little way. I ask all these, in Your most precious name, Lord Jesus, amen.

R.G.D.S. 080513


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