Dear Healing God,

Abba, I knew by Your stripes we are healed. I always believe that You power of healing was not only evident before, but also even today. Abba, my big sister and I woke up early to join the 4:30 am fellowship. I was so glad because You gave us to zeal to wake up with the absence of human nature to complain. Holy Spirit thank You for filling us with Your presence. Abba, I pray for healing to all people who not closed their hearts for true salvation. Abba, I know You are the only one who have the capacity to turn all hearts into the way it supposed to be. I leave it all to You, Abba. You are the perfect planner, and I believe in You. Your power of healing cover all. You power heals all our inner to outer sicknesses. I gave it all to You, Abba. Take our life in Your hand. I give You the control of my life. Thank You for all the things You have stored and showed to us. Forgive all our sins, Abba. Help us to always do that our life must magnify You, and glorify You, and worship You. I submit this to You alone my one true God, my Saviour and everlasting Father, Lord Jesus Christ, amen.

R.G.D.S. 080413


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