Dear Clarity,

Abba, clear up all the storms of my life. Calm this wavy oceans into still waters. Abba, forgive all my sins. There are moments of my life that make me lugubrious, but I thank You for making me know that You’re always there caring and holding me. Abba, no matter how many trials I’ll face, it won’t move me from the Solid Rock of my life. I thank You for deepening my relationship with You. Help my roots to hold into You at all times. I thank You, Abba for the safe and sound trip we had with my classmates to finish our preliminary assignment. Help us to sustain all the challenges in our studies Abba, and most specially help us to have patience in all discomfort of this world and be a blessing to others. Abba, my classmates told me that they have a common friend who didn’t believe in You, because he believed that he could survive with his own self. He was blinded, Abba. He was spiritually dead. Awaken him, Abba and heal him from the inside out, specially the day of the end is approaching in any hour or moment we don’t know. Abba, I believe You are our revealing God. I believe in Your power. I believe You are the one who created me. I believe in all of Your promises. I believe in all Your commandments. I believe in Your love for me. Abba, help me know You more and more each day, and be motivated by Your love. I ask for wisdom, Abba. Thank You Holy Spirit for making me alive, and for empowering me at all times. Help us Oh God. You are the only One who know our clear future, and I pray that we’ll use all the things You have given to us properly. I love You, Jesus. This is my prayer in Your most powerful name, Lord Jesus, amen.



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