Dear Love,

Abba, You are my love. No one could ever replace You here in my heart. I love You, Abba. Forgive me from all my sins. Jesus, take me always to the path where You lead me. All I want is You. All I desire is You. All I need is You. Abba, help me to overcome all my weaknesses and be strong in the midst of every trial and never bet on every temptations. Lord, hold me in Your arms. Help me with this life I have. Thanking You is not enough to respond to all the goodness and love You have given me. Fill me Holy Spirit to do all Your will for my life. Help me to follow all Your commandments in me. Abba, help all my loves ones and all the people who know me and even those who don’t know me. Abba, tomorrow we’ll be doing our assignment and I pray that we’ll have an excellent result. Abba, guide us and protect us. Your presence makes me inspired and confident to do all these. I trust You, Abba. Bless Ate Aura, Abba as she celebrates her birthday today, and her family as well, and all the people who are connected with her. I submit this to You, Lord Jesus, my all in all, amen.



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