Dear Omniscient Father,

Abba, I thank You for giving all these to me. I knew it that I could do it, because of You. I thank You for giving me confidence like that. I thank You for giving me all the I always hoped to have- wisdom, knowledge, strength, courage, and self-control. Lord, help me always. Abba, I didn’t deserve to ask anything from You because I’m a sinner and so I confess all my sins to You and I beg You to forgive me. Abba, I thank You for allowing me to call You that, because You’re the only one I could trust with this life. In many times I said ,and will never miss to mention in my letters in everyday that without You I am nothing. I thank You for extending my life today, and helping me to give all my best in the interview with the employers awhile ago. Abba, I just lift it all to You. No matter what happens I will hold on to You. Abba, bless all the people I met today, even the motorcycle driver who didn’t return my change in fare. Abba, I love You so much. Keep us safe always and lead us. Fill us Holy Spirit and never forget all Your commandments to do it in action and give praise, glory, honor, and majesty to Your name. Jesus, sustain us everyday. I was observing that the Antichrist spirits were destroying the married life of people, and even the unmarried ones. Though this was not new anymore since it happened in the past, but today the degree of their work is in full circle. Abba, I am asking You that all people’s heart will never be victimized again, but will be unshaken by trusting You. I believe the end will come soon, but before that day will happen, I am asking for an intimate relationship with You from all the parts of the body, Your very special creation-us. Help us to become united in You all the time. You are the only one who could make us win this good fight of faith. Contain us always, Abba. I send this prayer to You- my Almighty God, Lord Jesus, amen.

R.G.D.S. 080113 


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