Dear Anchor,

Abba, thank You for the infinite love You have given to us. Forgive me Abba from all my sins. Help me perform well all my commitments as Your daughter. I love You so much, Abba. Thank You for keeping me safe and secure all the time. I don’t need to prove myself to You because You know me already from the inside out, but it makes me uncomfortable when I don’t work this faith I have in You. I want to savor Your love forever. You make me stronger and stronger each day. Thank You for taking care of my parents in the province, Abba. I know their situation, but You know more about them. Bless them always, Abba. I beg You to provide all their needs, and even their desires as long as it will not harm them, instead will glorify You. I pray also for my classmate’s illness and Alma’s flu. Heal them, Abba. Help also our group to comply all our assignments in school and have an excellent result. Strengthen us always, Abba. I was informed to be interviewed tomorrow, and I ask You, Abba to help me pass the interview and have a job. Abba, I know You’re always there for me. I trust You in everything and all the things. Thank You for giving me courage to share Your word to my mother about the right motive of praying. Lord, bless my mother always, and even all my love ones. You are the only anchor of my life- my true Rest and true Peace, and true Joy. Abba, I love You. Fill me Holy Spirit and lead me. I submit to You my life, Abba. This I pray unto You-Father Jesus, the great I am, my Salvation, amen.



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