Dear Perfect Listener,

Indeed, Abba You had listened to my prayer, and You had granted it. I was hopeful that when I would report I would do it excellently for Your glory oh God. Abba, I thank You for adding me one life again today. Thank You for all the blessings. I was so happy when my classmate informed me that there would be no class for today. I was preparing my report seriously and though I was ready, my financial budget was lacking. Abba, I knew You would help me. I knew You would never leave nor forsake me. I knew You love me. Lord, forgive all my sins to You. Wash me from all impurities and make me white as snow. Though, I was just here at home. I knew I could still praise You and please You. Lord, I had chatted my friend from abroad, and thank You for securing her. Abba, continue to bless her and her family. I advised her to keep praying to You and believe in You. Thank You for using me Father to speak to my friend about praying to You. Abba, I am also glad for guiding my other friend to her new job where she will be receiving her salary tomorrow. Bless her life, Father. I read some articles in my fb account. It advocated to never give up, and to help others in the midst of sickness. Also, I watched a very inspiring life of a man on television who peddled rags in the polluted and fetid highways of the city for a living despite of his disability. He was a man with no feet and no hands. The journalist asked, “You don’t even get sick?”He replied with his super strong faith. He said, “I have a strong connection in Him.” That man may have a physical disability, but his faith in You Abba had made him a very able man to withstand all the tests. Lord, help me to never forget all my commitments to You and do it according to Your will. I love You, Abba. This is my prayer, in Your most marvelous name Lord Jesus, amen.



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