Dear Blessing,

Abba, thank You for extending my life again. Forgive all my sins, Abba. I know I am not worthy of You because of my sins. I am never worthy of Your love, and all that comes from You. You are Holy. But Your grace abounds in me that makes me know You are my Father. Help me Abba to concentrate to You every single second of my life. I don’t want to lose my way to You. I love You. To love You means to obey You. Abba, thank You for the blessings You shower upon us. It’s Alma’s birthday, and I always pray for her to have a closer relationship with You and be healed from all the things that displease, and so all of us. Abba, I send my application letters to three employers. I pray that even just one employer will hire me by Your hand that touches the employer’s heart to qualify me. But whatever will happen I will never stop praising You. Abba, control me at all times. Keep me straight to the path You have showed me, and never turn to all the traps of the devourer, instead walk in the Spirit. Jesus, bless us forever. I entrust to You all my prayers, in Your most glorious name, Lord Jesus, amen.



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