Dear Truth,

Abba, forgive me for I lied. It was not intentional because I just wanted her to make her own assignment. I knew she would not copy it, instead she would just paraphrase it and edit a bit. Lord, it was not that I didn’t want to share. I actually wanted to help her, so I sent her my piece of work. She asked me if I’d done mine, and there I lied because I actually unrest myself with many sleepless nights just to finish all of it, and said I hadn’t finish it. I didn’t know how she spent her 24 hours. The assignment was actually given in the second meeting of our class. Father, You know my heart. I am accepting all punishment. I deserve it. I just couldn’t object directly. It’s my weakness. Help me to know how to do the right thing next time whenever I encounter the same situation. Lord, I always run to You. You are my only refuge. Forgive me. I am sorry, Abba. I bet the devil. And, I could actually die now. Lord, save me, and renew me. Abba, my heart is reporting all this to You. Please, hold me, and capture me Holy Spirit. Thank You for Your love to me everyday. Help me, Father with all my assignments to be done for Your glory. Please, don’t forfeit all the blessings and perfect plan You have for me. I pray for restoration. Restore me in our relationship. I love You so much, Abba. Please, don’t hide Your face to me. I would be lost again if that happen. Abba, I always want to be closer and closer to each day. Forgive all my sin and wrong decisions. I submit to You all my life. Lord, I will embrace You forever. I know my sins are absolutely unforgivable for I bet on it. Lord, I never ever wanted to lie, but I just did.  I knew all levels of lie is sin. And once I lie, I am becoming a son of a devil which I never committed my life with. So, I pray for Your love Father to cover me and clean me. All I want is You, and all I need is You. Abba, can You welcome me again in Your arms. I beg You, Abba. Please, forgive me. May Your grace be with me, Father. If it take me to start all over again, I will do it, just to reconcile my life to You for I love You so much. I don’t want to lose that relationship ever. Abba, I come to You today, and please accept me. Thank You for freeing me. Control me to never do it again, Jesus. I give You my will. I surrender to You. In Your most precious name, Lord Jesus Christ, my Savior and Lord, amen.

R.G.D.S. 072713


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