Dear Gift,

Abba, I thank You for Your message of love for me. Thank You for giving me this life. It was not an accident that Pastor Baro had to repeat the phrase “we are not guaranteed to life a comfortable life, but we are guaranteed to become victorious.” Abba, forgive for all my sins. Thank You for always being there for me. Last week, I was feeling bad with myself because of the things I didn’t have to contribute. Now, I have recovered that it’s not only the material I could offer, but also effort from my heart. I pray that this will continue. My father had called me to be safe because there were bombing issues. My younger sister had called as well inquiring about the entrance examination date to college. Abba, I pray that You will bless my family, and my sister to have wisdom and knowledge to help her pass the exam. Tomorrow, I will job hunt, and I pray that You’ll help have just one. Thank You, Abba for welcoming in Your arms again. I want to live all my days with You, Abba. Bless our community, all cold relationship to You to be rekindled and be fruitful. Jesus, I pray also for the job status of my elder sister to become regular in her workplace. Abba, I want to pray as well for the life of my cousin Alma to become more blessed and to have closer relationship with You as she will celebrate her birthday tomorrow. You are the only way of my life to become united with the church. Thank You Holy Spirit for never departing from me, instead You make me grow stronger and stronger everyday despite of the challenges I face. Thank You for being the hope and refuge of my life. Abba, help me with studies to become excellent. Jesus, everyday there are many bad things and good things happening, but Your grace never fails to make our life so good and perfectly blessed. I always open my heart to You. Help me also Abba to practice memorizing Scriptural verses every day. Thank You for the verse You messaged to me. Proverbs 16:23 states that the heart of the wise teacheth his mouth and addeth learning to his lips. You are Wisdom, Abba. You live her in my heart. I pray for wisdom. I submit to You everything, with all I am, Abba. I won’t worry about tomorrow, because I am sure that it will never ever harm me. I believe in You, Jesus. Help me workout my faith in You every day, Lord. Make my life to be an example to others and a channel of blessings. I pray this in Lord Jesus, my ever living God, amen.



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