Dear Teacher,

Whenever, I think of a teacher, I think of his subjects and influences. Abba, You are the best teacher of all. You taught me how to love, live life, believe, trust, and obey. Thank You for initiating ways to help me understand and act according to Your will. Abba, please pardon me from all my sins. Thank You for saving my life with Your precious blood. I woke up today with a purpose to glorify You with all I am. Father, I work all the necessary house chores today, and I thank You for giving me energy to do it. Lord, I went to school today learning educational facts that would help me grow analytically. Abba, help me to learn also all the tools You have taught me for glorifying Your name and do Your purpose with my life and never the “myself” purpose. Yours the one I chose to hold and live forever. Abba, bless all my family here in the house-this group of people that I talk every day. Bless all my classmates, and even the work I have just left to become prosperous. Bless also Ate Flor with her life and I ask for healing that her cyst will die and will be gone forever. Lord, bless also my family in the province and I ask for spiritual breakthrough in my home and in every heart of people by You. Abba, help me with this challenging journey of my life. Abba, I don’t what’s happening inside my head. My upper left side of my brain is crumpling and numbing. Abba, please diagnose it and heal it for sometimes it’s attacking. Despite of it, I thank You because You give me a wonderful sleep by fighting it and by skipping to think the cause it gives. I always believe in You, Abba. I know You have given me all these spices of life to make a toothsome recipe for Your glory forever, Jesus. You have given me these because You know that I can overcome it. I cast all my cares to You, Abba. Hold my life forever. I ask all these to my Immanuel, Lord Jesus Christ, amen.


R.G.D.S 072613


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