Dear Control,

Abba, thank You for giving knowledge and sustenance upon making my assignments at school well accomplished. Thank You for taking control of my time, and my life. You are the content of my faith. I am not ashamed carrying Your name, and sharing Your goodness. Forgive me Abba from all my offenses. Renew me and refine me. Though it may hurt me, I am willing to take risk, for I believe in Your process and purpose of my life. Abba, truly there’s no measure of Your love for me. You never fail. I always want to live according to Your standards. Thank You for Your grace that qualifies me. Abba, help me to do all Your commands step by step. Help me to take care of the image You formed in and on me. This life is for Your glory. Help me to do fruitful things to become fruitful, and do the mission by discipleship. Help me share Your story, and have self control and discipline, and take a lead by You- Holy Spirit. I am willing to move forward and grow everyday with Your love. Lord, help me to become aware of all the things and of all the times on people or situations of how to say and act correctly to glorify You. Filter my conscience all the time, Abba. I ask You Holy Spirit to move the people who surround me to follow You. Bless all of us, Father. I submit this prayer to You, my one and only Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ, amen.

R.G.D.S. 072513


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