Dear Guardian,

Abba, thank You for making me happy all the time. Whenever I feel sad, I always look up to heaven and seek Your face. Forgive me, Abba from all my sin. Thank You for living in to my life Holy Spirit and make me never to think of sin anymore. Sin has really no sting in my life anymore. You make me brand new. It’s more than hate I treat sin. It has no power in my life anymore for You have conquered death and give me new life. I always shout Your name within me every night. You have absolutely fill me Holy Spirit. Thank You for fighting for me all the time. Though, trials are on my way, I am always assured within me that I can do all things through You who strengthens me. I love living this wonderful  life You have given me. I read an article about why Christians have suffered many things in this world. I always expect that Lord, because even You experienced it. I am not exempted. But one thing is sure that I overcome it all for You live in me.  I was offered by Ate Helen to work to her. Lord, bless Ate Helen and her household. Bless my family, my neighbors, grandparents, relatives, and friends. Thank You for all the things You have for me, Lord. I won’t stop trusting You till forever because I love You so much. Whenever I think of Your love, it makes me cry because I am loved so dearly and so unconditionally by the Almighty. I stand in awe of You. Help me to have rest in You forevermore. Thank You my Perfect Peace. Thank You for Your mercy. Never let me go in Your hands, Abba. Help me to ready myself in all the challenges, Abba. I love You. I entrust to You all these in Jesus’ name, my everlasting King, amen.

R.G.D.S.  072413


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