Dear Persistent,

You never stop doing good to us each day. You always give us life and blessings and strength. Thank You for Your love, Abba. Father, forgive all my sins to You. Forgive all my failures and wrongdoings. Forgive all my wrong decisions. Forgive all that displeased You. Abba, I thank You for helping me in every moment and situation that I don’t know what to do. Thank You for Your persistence. Help us Oh God to be persistent and faithful. Father, I pray for peace in the heart of my parents right now and even to my community. I believe You are always there for us. In all the trials that I had face and to the trials that will come, I always believe that You are there with me and guiding me. I may not see You with my bare eyes, but my spirit knows You live within me. Abba, thank You for all the favor You have for me. I have decided to take an abstinence of some of my meals in the morning and to continue it as much as I will for Your glory, it’s not my physical health purposes, but for my spiritual exercise to live a life knowing You more and more each day and establish everlasting and intimate relationship with You, Abba. Help with everything Lord for without You I am nothing and dead all the while. Thank for all Your promises. Your faithfulness always abounds. Abba, keep my eyes focus in You. Help me to do Your will all the time. All the answers of my letters may not be today, or some of it are not meant to happen anymore, but the most important of all is Your plan that will always prevail in all our lives. Holy Spirit, fill me always and all the people who surround me. You’ll come back soon, and I pray that You’ll help us prepare all the things to be prepared of. Abba, thank You for this day and providing all our needs. Lord, I will never get tired to wait for my desires and hopes to happen that only You can guarantee to make it true. I love You, Abba. This is my prayer. To my Lord Jesus, my precious Father I pray, amen.



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