Dear Reconciler,

Father, You are so good to me. Thank You Holy Spirit because in my darkest situation You bring life and hope. I was hating myself for being destructed with my situation as an unemployed for many months. Lord, I know it is a sin to hate oneself because this is the place where You are residing and presiding. Father, I always hate myself whenever I am not doing the things You taught me, and so I have sinned against You. Abba, please forgive me and make me new. Help me to never get lost and focus in You alone. I know this is the test for me. This is one of my happiest day because I opened my heart to repentance and be free from sin because of Your lead. Abba, my sister had advised me to knock on the door hardly, but I know You’re not deaf to hear my crying out and my needs. I ask You, Abba, to help me with my situation and be as strong as the Redwood like what the pastor have shared  in the fellowship awhile ago. Regine and Jenny knew how I was facing this. But You are all-knowing, and I pray that You’ll scan my heart Abba and fix all the defects. My mind has no words to describe my situation, and so it’s not worrying. I know all things are possible with You, that’s why I give it all to Your hands Abba. I heard that my parents were not helping each other. My sister had a 13K debt to pay. My other sister had bills on her boarding house for months. My father had a vehicle monthly remittance and debts to pay. My other grandmother had a memory lost, and I am unemployed. Father, as I think of it all, my eyes were crying. I entrust to You all these. I know You’re the only solution. Hear my supplication Oh God. Bless my family, my friends, my relatives, my neighbors, my classmates and all people who are calling out Your name right now. Abba, help me. I don’t know what to do. I just want to rest in Your arms right now. Abba, I know You’re there. I know You see me doing this. I know that You know my heart perfectly. Abba, I am always ready for all the humiliation of the world because You are always there for me. Hold me, Abba. I beg You Jesus. Help me pass all these and be strong and never give up. I give up to You everything. I pray that tomorrow I’ll receive a call or sms that will end my unemployment status. Abba, give me a sign regarding with my supplication. Abba, I submit all these to You. Thank You for loving me all the time. I love You so dearly. In Your mightiest name Lord Jesus, my life Giver, amen.



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