Dear Consultant,

Abba, thank You for healing me and giving me life. You are so beautiful and holy. Abba, forgive all my shortcomings and sins. Wash me by Your precious blood Lord. Thank You for redeeming me and taking care of me. Abba, thank You for Your message to us today to be persistent and faithful to You. Father, thank You for the free check up where we have known how to always see Your perspective and do Your will.  There are prayers that will not take effect because its not according to Your will. I always understand my situation right now, and I will not give up trusting this to You. Suffering meant to happen as part of my life. If You have suffered, I don’t wonder anymore if I am experiencing the same because I know this is how the life of being a follower. Father, thank You for teaching me how to approach to You through asking, seeking, and knocking. I humble myself before You Oh God. Thank You for loving me all the time and giving Your life for us. Abba, I was offered by my classmate to work for awhile in their company to help my situation in the survival stage. Father, whatever they call it, for me this is the suffering stage of my life. I am so excited to this challenge. I ask You Father to help me get through it. You’re the only one I can always count on. I have shared to my sibling in our devotional time that You are so good to me and gracious. Father, I won’t give up no matter how strong the storms will be hitting my life. I will always look to You, trust You, embrace You, love You. Father, there are many assignment in my subjects to work and I would like to ask in Your greatness to help me get all this right and excellent. You never get tired of reaching out Your hands to me. You always check me. You are always there for me. You always make my whole life perfect. I desire to have an intimate relationship to You, Abba, and You have never failed to initiate ways for me to always prioritize it. In my young age, I am aware of this new life to be full of sufferings, and blessings in this world. Abba, I lift up to You all my life. I will never stop waiting for You Oh God. You reign forevermore Lord Jesus, and no one could ever take Your place. I give all the worship and praises to You my King- Lord Jesus. I submit this prayer to You in Your most beautiful name, Lord Almighty Jesus Christ my Savior and Lord, I love You, Abba amen.



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