Dear Richest,

Abba, You are always there for me. You made all things perfect. You are so good to me. Abba, forgive all my sins. Help me repent all my sins. I give all my life to You. You are the only One who could direct my path. Navigate my life Oh Lord. Drive my life. Control my life. Abba, though there are things that are wrecked, but Your love still remains faithful and enduring which makes everything good and fixed. Lord, I know You initiate things according to Your will. I submit it all to You, and my self, and all. I know You are the richest of all. Father, I will never stop believing in You. I will always wait for all Your ways for my life. Father, help me hold on to You forevermore. Thank You for always giving me hope. Thank You for showing the light and leading me to Your arms. Father, I pray for results of my undertakings not to please me but to please You, for I’m a new man, my old self has gone and You are within me. Your the One who lives forever. I was dead, and I rose again. I’m renewed and this is my new life filled by You. Lord, I ask for Your favor to help me get through this. Help me to always focus to You and to always think of You. Thank You for all Your messages for me. Your love is so rich and never runs dry and empty. Thank You, Abba for all the things You have for me, and for the things that are not for me. Bless my family, my friends, neighbors, my community, and our relationship to You. Fill us always Holy Spirit. I send this to You-my Author of my life, Lord Jesus Christ, amen.



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