Dear Leader,

Father, I would like to apologize for all the time I wasted. Lord, help me to rise up and never give up. Forgive all my sins, Abba. I always believe in You and I don’t care what the people say, for it’s Your voice matters most to me. Lord, we had a talk with my cousin about the challenges of my career status. Though, it is not yet happening, I will never stop believing in Your perfect plan for me. I always believed that You will do all what You have promised for You are faithful and true. I will never get discourage and lose hope for I’m dependent to and in You. I pray that You’ll help her to her situation right now. Father, I ask for restoration of my village and other villages that has been blacklisted like a criminal. Lord, pour out Your blessings to us and help all my fellowmen to always establish an intimate relationship with You. Lord, help all the leaders of the world that they will all follow Your instructions and be guided by You-Holy Spirit. Father, help also my grandmother, my uncles, my aunts, my parents, my siblings, my cousins, my neighbors, my friends. Lord, help me with my accountability assignment. Help me with everything Lord Jesus. Help me with my studies and with everything for Your glory. Your name be lifted up forever Lord Jesus. This is my solemn desire in Your most wonderful name Lord Jesus Christ, my Peace and my Joy, amen.



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