Dear Center,

You are the center of my life Lord Jesus. Thank You for inspiring me everyday. Thank You for being trustworthy all the time. I believe in You, and so I am not afraid of Satan. Fear doesn’t exist for I believe in You. I’m not afraid of darkness because You are my light. I’m not afraid of all kinds of sufferings, struggles, obstacles, strifes, calamities, oppressions, challenges, and all bad things, because You are there with me always. Thank You for loving me, Abba. Forgive me, Lord from all of my sins. You paid it all with Your precious blood, so I was free. Thank You Lord for leading me, and guiding me despite of my disobedience. Your unequal covenant have always established in my life. Thank You for all Your corrections. Cling me to Your arms forever and be not moved away from You. I love to be in Your presence, Lord. Abba, I pray that You will help my big sister with her work assignments and her thesis. Help also my parents in our home to their daily needs. Help as well my sibling Regine to gain knowledge and wisdom and techniques by You-Holy Spirit to get the right answers whenever she answers all her exams in the coming days, and all her friends. Help also my other two siblings in their studies and daily life to have an excellent grade. Help also my sister and aunt at abroad to be filled by You and guided by You. Lord, I pray also for all the people who surround me everyday and to wherever I go, and stay that they will be moved by You and will praise You, and connect with You. Thank You for the opportunities You have given me. I will always wait patiently on whatever You are about to set for me, for I believe that there’s no one else I could always depend on, but You. Thank You for making me see You all the time, Lord Jesus. Increase and strengthen my faith Lord always. Help me with my studies and career Lord. Thank You for sitting in my heart and controlling my life. Take the lead of my life forever, Lord. I give it all to You. Praises and honor and power belongs to You forevermore. I ask and trust all these to You my Abba, Lord Jesus Christ,amen.



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