Dear Generous,

You designed my life so beautiful. You never let me go and care for me everyday. Father, forgive all my wrong deeds and sins. Renew me and transform me from the inside out. Abba, I saw the photos of Rhea posted. I saw how Josh’s birthday was celebrated, with a joyful smiles. Take care of them Lord always. To my friends who had celebrated their birthdays last week, I pray for blessings on their lives. Thank You for the knowledge and wisdom You have given me, Father. Thank You for healing my colds. Thank You for all the things You unceasingly lavish to me. Today, I will try to submit my job application to my professor last last semester. I pray Lord Jesus that You’ll hold her heart and hire me. I hope I’ll see her today. I pray for proper words to utter when I’ll be asked. Lord, all of Your faithful followers in the old times like Nehemiah had never stop believing and trusting Your ways in their lives because You are so great and beyond measure. I love You, Father. Fill us always Holy Spirit. No matter what happens I’ll aways stand with You and trust You for I remember what is written in the Bible that there’s a time for everything. I believe You’re the only maker of good things. Thank You for this life, Abba. Thank You for loving me. I submit this to You Lord Jesus, in Your most precious name, amen.



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