Dear Ever-faithful God,

Father, I woke up today with expectations that a single blessing would pour out from You. I didn’t feel bad though I hadn’t receive any confirmation from my job endeavors, because I knew it’s not yet the time and I knew You had given me this because You knew I could take it. Thank You for training me to be patient with everything. Thank You for giving me life and sustaining me though I hadn’t take my breakfast and lunch while waiting for hours in the capitol. I met a new friend today. She was Kharen. I pray that You’ll bless her and grant the desires of her heart. I could see her determination to succeed. Lord, guide her and her family. I saw many people in the office and I pray that You’ll lead them to the destination where they were supposed to be- in Your loving arms forever. Father, forgive all my wrong decisions and sins. Lord, cleanse me and lead me always. I will never surrender to the challenges and tests because I know You are there for me and always helping. Help me to master the art of the fruit of the Holy Spirit to please You and delight You in all my undertakings. Jesus, I had colds, and I pray for healing from Your ever powerful hands.Abba, help me to be strong in every storm. I will always stand in the Solid Rock forever. Though this thing happened to me, it didn’t mean that You’re not faithful, because It was I who was not faithful. Lord, I ask You to make me faithful in all of Your plans for me. Take me out from the righteousness of myself because You are the true righteous forever. Forgive me, Abba. Jesus, I trust everything to You. I give You all that I am. I will be patiently waiting and working to share how great and good You are to me constantly. This is my prayer, in Your mightiest name Lord Jesus Christ, bless us all, amen.



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