Dear Salvation,

Father, I am so thankful for the favor You keep on pouring to me. Forgive me Lord from all my broken promises, and sins. Forgive me if some of my commitments are not put into action. Forgive me Lord, and lead me to true repentance. Forgive all my selfishness and wrong decisions. Lord, thank You for saving me by loving me unconditionally. You die for me. You give the best for me everyday. Lord, I ask You to help me to please You at all times by focusing in You and doing Your will for my life. Thank You for initiating ways which takes me out from darkness into light. I was asked by Jenny and Regine to pray for their concerns in their studies. I pray for wisdom and knowledge Lord God, that as they read each question in their exam, help them to select the correct answer. Father, Jenny asked me to pray for her mother who had an illness. Lord, I pray for total healing to her. I believe You are the greatest physician of all, and so I commit to You her condition. Jesus, I joined the Sunday school with some young people. I pray that we will all grow together in awe of You and bear much fruit. Lord, help me to share the content of my faith to people. Thank You for this relationship. You are always present and forever abounding in our midst. Lord, I pray that tomorrow my prayers will be answered regarding with my quest of having a new job. Lord, I pray for zeal towards my studies at masters and do my best. Most importantly, I pray that all of us will be united for Your glory. Forgive as well Father my loneliness, though actually You are always there for me. Lord, help me to seek You and work out this faith I have. Fill me Holy Spirit, and help me to be a blessing to others. Praise and worship belongs to You forever. In Your most precious name, mightiest Savior and Lord, Abba Father, Lord Jesus Christ, I surrender to You everything, take control of my life forever, amen.



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