Dear Guiding God,

Father, I love you from the depths of my soul. I didn’t deserved anything that comes from You, especially Your love because I have sinned against You. Please, Father forgive me and sanitize me. Take away all the dirt of my life. Help me Father to apply all what You have taught me. I met new friends- Jane, Dart, and the other two whom I forgot to know their names. Lord, we took the qualifying exam and I pray that all of us would pass it and got the job. We lift all up to You, Lord Jesus. I saw the spot where the incident had happened to a student who had been shot by the police officers. Father, may Your Holy Spirit dwell into their hearts and be reconciled. I attended the business policy class, and if I used the BCG tool to know the status of my faith to You, I trust it all to You Holy Spirit to refine me. I trust You in my life’s journey. I give it all to You Lord. Lead me always. Bless my family, friends, community, and all Your creation. Help us to always focus in You. In You Lord Jesus, I declare and claim that all my prayers will be fulfilled and be granted. Thank You for all the things You have for us, Lord. In Jesus’ name, my Abba, amen.



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