Dear Embracing God,

Father, thank You for giving me life today. Forgive me Lord from all my sin. Cleanse me and control me God.Today is the birthday of my little brother- Josh. I pray that he will grow with wisdom each day. Lord, guide him in every step of the way. I haven’t attend my class today and I earn the consequences. Help me Father to be focus in You always. Lord, help me also to always become humble in all situation. Thank You for embracing me everyday and all the people who surround me. I suppose to do all my assignments today, but I allocate my time so much in playing finding patterns. Father, I know You are my pattern and help me to always see You, and allot all of my time in You. Help me Father. Take over me. Lead me and hold me. Perfect Lord, help me to detect all tongues that accuse Your greatness that cannot do impossible things, because I always believe You are faithful to all what You said. The song said there is no greater joy than being with You. You are my joy Lord, and thank You for the things You have for us. There is no time to be sad because You are in my life. Father, I am excited to everything that will happen to my quest of having a new job. I pray that PNB, or Alsons, or the government offices, neither of those will call me to have the job. Lord, I will be forever patient to all Your ways of my life because I always believe all things work together for good for those who love You. Help me Father to never let go of this love I have for You. Help me to grow intensively and extensively. Bless also Kim and all my love ones. Thank You, Abba. Lord, though we haven’t conducted the devotional here tonight, I am unstoppable to share Your word through social media. Lord, fill us Holy Spirit. In Jesus’ name, amen.



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