Dear Strength,

Lord, thank You for always interceding in my life. You are so wonderful and so good to me. Abba, forgive all my sins and help me focus in You all the time. I scrubbed the floor today, I cleaned the aircon, and I missed my workmates at Red Star. Lord, bless them all the time. I received the message from Alsons today, and they were informing that I was qualified to take the exam tomorrow. Lord, I ask Your Holy Spirit to give me knowledge and wisdom to discern the questions and draw a correct answers, and pass it. Lord, help me to do all the things not for me, but all for You. Lord, help me to finish all my school works and be prepared for the exam next week. Father, thank You for loving me unconditionally. Help me to strengthen my faith to You. Thank You for all Your promises. I believe and trust You forever. I know You are faithful, and You never change. Father, lead me all the time to the road where You want me to walk. Fill me Holy Spirit and help me to hold in Your hand tightly. Thank You for picking me up in my melancholic days. You are the joy in my heart, and the Solid Rock I stand. Thank You, Father. I love You, Lord. This is my prayer, in Your most mighty name, Lord Jesus Christ, my Saviour and Lord,amen.



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