Dear Hope,

Father, You are indeed so awesome and miraculous. Though, there are many temptations that try to break me, You are always there helping me to have hope and be joyful. Forgive all my sins, Lord. Renew me and change my wicked ways. Father, I met a woman today at the SP’s office here at GenSan. She told me that hoping about anything was not good. I didn’t believe her because hoping was so important so that miracles would happen. Hope was in line with faith. I have hope, so I have faith. My faith is in You, Lord. Bless that woman who said that Father, and guide her. It happened today, Lord. I resigned from my job at RS. I admitted that there were things that I did in a wrong way, and I was so apologetic about it. I knew my apology doesn’t help the situation to be okay. But, I repented. All I want was peace and love. I wanted that my life would be an open book to everyone for it’s my prayer to be an example to everyone as my  legacy. To be an example is a hard thing to do, but I’m used to rigidity of life. Thank You, Lord for You have provided all the things I needed, not according to my will, but always according to Your will. Thank You for modeling how to live life. Fill us always-Holy Spirit. Without You Jesus, I can do nothing. Bless all my colleagues at RS and it’s operation. Bless also my friends and my classmates at college- April, Lloyd, and Dwight. I pray that they will be hired by Your grace. It was my first time to experience to search jobs on a job fair. I saw a lot of people needing job, and I knew You’re the only one who could provide job for all of us. Father, I pray that all of us would have a job that doesn’t please our selves, but to please You. Jesus, I trust and believe in You. The Robot machine application on fb was advising me to believe and trust in You, and to have faith that I can do all things through You who strengthen me. I was interviewed by the HR from a good corporation from my province. I thank You for You helped me pass the interview and get to the next level-the qualifying exam. Father, I ask for Your greatness to nourish my self with courage, knowledge, wisdom, strength, and self-control. Move me Holy Spirit to the person You want me to be. I love following all Your ways Father, help me follow all of it appropriately. Gracious Jesus, I submit all these to You, in Jesus’ name, my Abba Father, amen.



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